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Five of The Best Logistics Tips for Small Businesses

November 21, 2017 by Susan Brooks

Logistics solutions for small businesses

Five of The Best Logistics Tips for Small Businesses

Does your business run smoothly? Is your business efficient and cost effective? Do you evaluate your logistics solutions to ensure you have an expedient logistics plan? Even if you answer yes to all three there is still room for improvement. In business you should never stand still – when your competitor is shoulder to shoulder with you in the market-place you need to work smart, work hard and gain that competitive edge. Follow our top five logistics tips and give your small business a boost that will ensure it stands out from the crowd.


Know Your Goal

What is your company strategy? Be clear on what it is you want to achieve (i.e. do you want to be known as the company that always delivers on time every-time)? Then you will need to ensure you employ eminent logistics management solutions. Understand your strategy and communicate your key objective. Keep it at the fore-front of your mind as you develop your plan.


Know Your Company Inside Out

You know your goal and have a strategy which you intend to follow (and get your employees to follow)! To make your company successful you need to understand everything about it, know the processes, your employees, suppliers and customers well. Get to grips with what improvements you can make – can you reduce lead times? Where else can you make simple, quick wins? Tackle these before moving onto the big stuff.


Know Your Customer

Every customer has a need to feel valued and esteemed. Customer service is of paramount importance and you will need to know what your customer wants in order to satisfy their needs. Always respond to queries and questions, be clear on customer requirements and do what you say you will, when you say you will.

Customers appreciate value for money, good communication, prompt delivery and a professional service. Make sure you provide all this and more.


Know Your Costs

Keep track of how much your company spends on logistics and make sure you employ robust logistics solutions.

You need to identify where your money is being spent in order to fully understand and monitor your costs. If you are seeking a freight delivery service get a few quotes, competition ensures companies offer economical charges as they vie for your business.


Know What’s Coming

Look at the plan for the coming few weeks, learn to be pro-active rather than reactive. Plan your shipments so you can be cost-effective where possible. If you have suppliers scheduled to deliver into you make sure you have thought about what to do in case there are any issues e.g. the supplier cannot deliver the materials in time. Will you have enough safety stock to see you through? Do you have an alternative supplier?  Forecast sales too, this will help you to make decisions about overtime and whether you have any issues looming.


Bring on Robust Logistics Management Solutions

An effective logistics plan is essential, creating visibility, controlling inventory and helping you to ensure you are satisfying customer requirements. Make sure you have a logistics plan in place, it’s vital for the success of your business.